The Living wisdom of Qacao

the Medi-Sign of Qacao. The inside view of the Qacao bean looking very much like the inside of a human heart

the Medi-Sign of Qacao. The inside view of the Qacao bean looking very much like the inside of a human heart

Within the “natural world” there is a voice that can be “seen”  ….It is a picture that can be “heard”.   The sense  of so much more to come.. Our Genius Mind has served us well in granting our very thoughts. …but….the more it grants, the more we are at risk of becoming disconnected to real truth. We worship the illusion, the attachment, to our belief of what we experience . While, eventually , it will lead to a greater “understanding” , it does seem to lead us on and on into a never ending supply of answers ” just around the corner”.  Disorientated and disillusioned we stumble on within an intellectual fog of rapid evolution and unfulfilled certainty until at one point of either total exasperation or disillusionment we finaly say…”Enough”   ….” I have had enough….. this is not fulfilling me at all”……… where has my happiness gone, I feel so out of balance. Our mind has become  so full of thinking, it cant hear  happiness any more”.Believe it or not,  this can be a very good place to be. Exasperation and dissillusion become seekers of Truth . It is at this point that the words…..” PEACE BE STILL” can become one of the greatest moments of our life. …We should enjoy our genius…but be not sub-servient to its desires, for there is far greater awaiting  if we choose……….If we can but “still” our genius mind from the “learned” chatter and listen to the wisdom of the “Heart”, our “genius mind” shall come down from “the heavens, to a place of balance and be embraced by the Heart,..a greater connectedness. It shall be “loved” by the “centre”, by the Heart, and then in turn it shall be free to become the  one who “is”.  No longer to be confused with , “I think…..therefore i am”….but simply… I AM……………      .As above , so below….the “twain”  shall meet  in the centre of the matter…….the Heart of the matter… the balance/Bellence , the Love,…. the source of ALL……. To now see as if for the “first time”….to now hear as if for the first time  those “things that matter most….
     We are living,  we are alive,………we are a part of All that is, we are not “above All that is”, we are in All that is…..We are not without…….There is a sign, a message within “whole foods”,   …….it is a living message. It is alive, we are alive,  we need that living message within our “living body/temple. We need to connect, embrace and imbue our life with the SOURCE of ALL LIFE.  We must listen once again to the voice that calls us. We must see the real life unfold before us and step into a greater life. Love the Life. It is All around and waiting for us to AWAKEN……………..

appearing to look like the Human heart with aorta

A sprouted Cacao bean appearing to look like the Human heart with aorta.

The “wisdom’ can be found in our choice of what we allow into our imediate world. Do we embrace life and let it fullfil its part in our small destiny. Do we turn and run to “familiar ” circumstances. Surround ourselves with man made grattification. Human mind can not invent life, it can only mimick it in a far lesser capacity. Buildings cannot grow with living force, scientific breakthroughs can only be labeled with a lesser name than what it truly is. Living food can only be mimicked by humans through a far lesser process. The killing of living food for the convinience society.  Pro-cessed food. Pro means “for” and cess means “death. ( Cease to be, cessation etc ). NEVER is processed pretend food or sweetened flavoured fizzy liquids the real thing. We become what we eat. Processed pretend food is destryoying the living body that we reside in. It is becoming the likeness of what we have put into it. We are now at a time of recognition. We are now at a time when life is speaking very clearly its message of Truth. We reflect in our living body , that which we  have eaten. Life is now showing us the way if we will humble ourselves enough to take heed…….Living food is living. It has “the force”, it is imbued with LIFE. Life begets Life. It speaks in so many ways to our very soul  . To your  “right” is a photo of a sprouted living Qacao/Cacao bean showing perhaps the similarity in appearance of the human brain if we “see” beyond our conditioned mind.cacao sprout brain and logo Is this just coincidence that the “food of the Gods” is exceptional for the Heart and Mind of humans….Is it a figment of the imagination
To see, with natures eyes, the revelation of co-existance and symbotic relationships is to recogise that ALL is connected.  The more we move towards an “innerstanding” of a far greater “picture”,  the more we appreciate the intricate patterns and shapes that truly “shape” our destiny. As Shakespeare most aptly  said ” ……and this, our life, exempt from public haunt, finds tounges in trees, books in the running brooks, sermons in stones and good in everything”…………..and …” there are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy”……and as Yeshua spoke…… “Let those with “eyes” truly see“……… Let those with ears  truly Hear…t…