Some Recipes

The Green Choc Smoothie.

5  soft dried organic bananas
250 grams (approx) of dark leafy greens
13 Organic Cacao Beansgreen chocolate smoothie flt

Put these in a good blender and top up with good spring water to the 800 ml mark and blend with love.
     It should be enough
for two good people.
  Extremely healthy
and delicious!!   
                                                                       CHOCKBICKSchocbicks flt                                                                            
Ikg Organic Oats
250 gms Organic Cacao Beans
1 litre of fresh Organic Cane juice or evaporated cane sugar ( rapidura)100g or sweeten to taste.
Dry them in a dehydrator at 98 F for a couple of days. YUMMO!!