Qacao Research

Here at Australian Raw Qacao we use and always will use integrity instead of hype…If you feel that there is anything that doesnt hold up to TRUTH on this website please let us know….This “Food of the Gods” is way too important to get caught up in hype and loss of integrity through comercial enterprise, ie  money speaking before truth, just to “sell out a product”…..We have been and are endevouring to sort through the masses of so called scientific research and personal research to bring the you Truth of  why Raw Cacao / Qacao / Qcao is “The Food Of The Gods”… Some of what is and will be written on this website is of inspirational teachings that have been comming through for  over 20 years of “clean living”. We will endevour to point out the difference between known scientific fact and experience fact and inspired inner teachings of feeling and thought fact. We are after all , dealing with a living entity of monumental capacity, and if it is not treated with respect and integrity, can lead once again to the downfall of conscousness within our own living cells.We cell out so to speak…… We are what we “eat”. We are what we “think”. We are what we “feel”. We are what we “see”. We are what we “do”.   If any of these are not in alignment with integrity  we will then show the obvious signs of deception , signs of deteriation and will embody an un-healthy,dwindling body, not worthy of the true life that is all around us.
On this particular page will be  some of the known “Scientific fact” with some of the scientific  jargon and our  simplified explanation of scientific data without the jargon. We will have fun with it as well as the serious side. I pray we succeed in both of these worthy pursuits.

If there was a pill that could enhance your brains abilities, make you feel good and improve the health of your heart you would probably take it yeah?  Well here we have something that didnt come out of a lab and , when not altered by roasting and  additives like proccessed sugar etc  ( kind of tastes nice but not as good for you ),   has all the above benefits and MORE according to the “latest research…….In attempting to list the Healing benefits, attributed to Raw Cacao, it may undermine the even greater potential that this unique food has, for in trying to understand nature in scientific terms we will always fall well short of the full living truth.cacao pods

These are only some of the “known scientific” facts and potential benefits that may follow after partaking of Raw Cacao and ,as you can see, they are more than impressive. But in no way should we ever limit ourselves to just these known facts as the one and only truth, as we ourselves as “humans” are still in our infancy in understanding the greatness of “All things natural”. There is a far greater source of All knowledge and its truth lives within us all.
If we are “still and are open to a conversation with the living force of the living Qacao” we may be surprised with the innerstanding/understanding that may result. cacao flowersIf we learn to humble ourselves to the living force of plant foods we may find the connection to a far greater conciousness than we could ever possibly imagine.

*WARNING: Raw Cacao is just that. Raw and living. Please do not confuse this living food with the roasted processed  form we know as chocolate.

May we All truly Love and Respect each other. May we truly Love and respect our “Mother Earth” and learn to feed and nurture all who dwell upon her, just as she has fed, clothed, sheltered and nurtured us.

May we all share abundantly our gifts that may inspire others to a more Loving, Peaceful and fulfulling life where nothing will live in fear of our Human potential.

May we always be kind to All Life and may a true realisation that living in a Loving and Peaceful way includes a plant based diet where all our nutritional needs can be met, fulfilled and enjoyed.

It is there where the True Electricity of Life will shine a light of real inspiration within us all and set us free from our conditioned beliefs and habits.

If we truly want LOVE
then we should be LOVE.

Some of the  “Known Scientific Facts about Raw Cacao”.

Antioxidents in truly raw  cacao are of great benefit to  the cardiovascular system, the brain and the the whole body system in general.  Please remember we are talking of the truly raw cacao and not the processed chocolate here. The  antioxidants present in the raw cacao or “Qacao” as we have named it , include such as epichatehins, chatechins, resveratrol and procyanidins and it has been found to be the highest antioxident containing food on this planet at this point in time. For an explanation on antioxidents please go to ………………. and do your own research and conclusions. That is all part of this unfolding path..
But in general antioxidents are like little packmen who seek out toxins, also known as “free radicals” (scary name hey ), and destroy them.  The colour purple in foods contain some of the highest amounts of “packmen”,  ( I know,  ..this is suposed to be scientific…) , anti-oxidents.( yes I know it is spelled with an a, anti-oxidants, but it does put a dent in the aging process.).These Free radicals can come from many aspects of daily life such as processed foods, pollution, plastics, stress and watching too much television.

Vitamins and Minerals:

Vitamin A
Vitamin B (1, 2, 3, 5 and 6)
Vitamin E
Omega 6 Fatty Acids
Saturated Fats
Amino Acids

Some of the latest scientific research is showing that dark chocolate can guard against brain injury.
It is very promising to find that the latest research is providing proof that Cacao is highly beneficial in protecting the brain after a stroke by increasing cellular signals that shield nerve cells from damage. The researchers have discovered that a compound found within Dark Chocolate/Cacao called epicatechin is responsible for helping protect the nerve cells within the brain if given within 2 to 3 hours after a stroke.  Please be aware that white sugar has no healing properties and that the quality of the Cacao/dark chocolate can be compromised by the other additives that may be present. Raw Chocolate would appear to be the best in these circumstances. For more information on this particular subject please have a look at Dr Mercola’s post , dated 25 May 2010..

For your information/ otherwise known as the “disclaimer: As scientific nutrition changes daily and our spiritual awareness continues to evolve, information on this website may be quickly outdated. As such any information on this website should not be taken as medical advice. Please see your preferred health advisor for any guidance and treatments necessary. We take no responsibility for any adverse consequences or effects resulting from the use of any of the information on this website. If you are unwilling to take your own responsibility and judgement in reading our information, please do not use this website. Unless otherwise stated, statements on this website are of my own opinion/research, and are not to be taken as fact. May you enjoy happiness and wellbeing and continue your own research and enquiry into matters that enhance your wisdom on all matters.