Qacao/ Raw Cacao Products

100gram bag Qacao

108 gram bag Qacao

.Supreme Bean…. Australian Raw Slow Dried Qacao Whole Fruit Bean
108 grams
Pesticide free.
Price: $11.00. rrp.

We are so proud to present for your consideration and well-being, Raw Australian Qacao………Raw Australian Qacao is the perfect way to experience the Cacao sensation.The Food of the Gods. .
The Qacao is grown in the beautiful region of Far North Queensland , Australia and is now pesticide free .
This Qacao is grown, harvested and gently dried with love and gratitude and has the natural sweetness of true cacao fruit with the typical Cacao bean flavour without being fermented which means it is truly Kosher as well. They are delicious on their own and fabulous added to smoothies. In ancient times the fruit was eaten  or mixed into a drink with the beans . It was thought of  in ancient times , that the fruit of the Qacao represented the heavens and the bean represented the earth so it was bringing both the Heavens and the Earth together in a very sacred form which was given the name, The Food Of The Gods.
Raw Australian Cacao Bean low ferment
Raw Australian Cacao Bean low ferment

Divine Bean

Australian Raw Cacao Bean

108 grams & 250 grams
Price:$8.00..108grams  & $15.00 rrp for 250 grams
Here we have another example of excellence in the field of Raw Cacao. This raw Cacao  grows on the Organic soils and or / pesticide free  soils of the stuningly beautiful Far North Queensland area including the world heritage listed Daintree area , Australia  . No harmful chemicals have been used at the farms . They have been fermented and very carefully dried to retain a very unique rich Cacao/Chocolate taste.

This particular  Cacao has been very gently fermenting in special containers  and are continually checked to ensure the temperature stays extremely lower than accepted practice so we have a truly raw Cacao. Once this  process is complete the beans are then gently dried and turned with love and gratitude . This then provides a unique Cacao product . It is Truly Raw and its goodness will speak in a way that can only be experienced.

Cacao nibs/peices

Cacao nibs/peices

Australian Raw Cacao Nibs

250 grams
Price: $15.00 rrp


INCLUDING Exquisite Chocolate, REAL UN Roasted CHOCOLATE.

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