About Australian Raw Qacao

This is Raw Australian  Cacao…What is the difference between our Qacao ( pronounced “HaghHow” )and our Cacao products. ( Our sources are from the stunningly beautiful Far North Queensland area which includes the world heritage listed Daintree Forest. The Cacao trees are watered by pristine springs flowing from the World Heritage Listed Mountains…A very unique situation.
open cacao pod fruit and bean 03Qacao is the name we at A.R.Q. ( Australian Raw Qacao, ARQ also means light ) give to the  organic raw fruit and bean when it is dried at a very low specific temperature. This process enables the fruit to still be a part of the full experience of “True Qacao”. It is unique among the industry and is very rarely available in this form as the procedure can be lengthy and costly, starting from the planting of the bean in the ground to the finished offering. We believe , here at A.R.Q., that “Qacao”  has truly come of age and it is more than just a “worthy venture” to offer Qacao in its Original True Raw Form. Its time has come. A re-introducing of the “Real Cacao”. The real reason why it was held in reverence. The real reason why we crave chocolate so much. It is a true gift from Nature that ,I feel, should not be distorted or added to with  un natural processed sweeteners, or roasted till most of the goodness is burned out of it.This includes “so called raw” Cacao powders. How can somthing that has been dried in such a way still be called raw? Something to ponder on before you “chocolate rush” into the next purchase of Cacao powder. I dont mean to offend those that are purchasing this type of cacao but this does need to be addressed if we are to experience Cacao in its unadulterated form. Our Qacao beans and grounded bean powder are one of the unique offerings available at A.R.Q. and quite different to anything that is on offer at the time this of writing (first introduced in 2009 )  .  A lot of time and effort has gone into creating the environment for its  re-emergence and offering. It is a “Gift of the Gods” and as such should be treated that way with reverence, grattitude and respect. Some of you may have seen kirlain photography of living food after prayers have been imbued into it. The same as Dr Emoto’s work with water crystals. It is a living energy we are dealing with. When treated with grattitude, living food gives even more of itself. Qacao was known as the “Food of the Gods”. There was a reason it was given that name. With greater understanding and grattitude we may see once again why it was given such reverence. This wont happen in the roasted adictive form we loosely call chocolate. It has lost its living vital force. It cant “speak” to our living body, we cant connect to the vital force that radiates from its essence. The “roasted form”  may “seem to taste good but as we have now experienced  over the last decade or so, it can become an addictive menace to our well being and conciousness. It needs to be, I beleive, in its raw form  with the fruit and bean intact to experience why it is the “food of the Gods”..  We are so proud to bring to you Raw Australian Cacao. The cacao is grown in Australia and watered by springs that flow from the world heritage listed mountains.
We only use the fullest fruited beans, not every bean qualifies, there is NO fermentation process and of course it is always from the farms that border the World Heritage Listed Regions of Far Northern  Queensland, Australia.ARQ photo 1