Ancient Qacao Wisdom

 the splitting or division of “here , now” …the great ghuspboh.
.”In what was and still is, given as grace, a length of time to “heal all wounds” to speak…. or as our elder brother so aptly put… “as we  forgive those who trespass against us”…… it has  become the parting of the ways, the splitting of  now which in turn  becomes the past and the future. In fact splitting the “label” or name, “time” , implies exactly the same consequence. Hear the word TIME. Hear it as I speak it. Not as it is written. …..TIME…  TI / ME .    Ti = tie   and Me,   is as is …Me…  Tie me. TIME. Tie me  to a belief in yesterday or a promise of tomorrow. The Grace of time to ponder, not to squander ..over how to be fully present here now and not to hold on to yesterdays hurts or tomorrows better days.  Use this “time wisely,…seek good council within over ALL matters that “tie you” down… But to be here now……………fully here now and love the moment ….for it is and always will be forever PRESENT. A gift of Living. A gift of life…the Present of Life….Life. ….LIFE in all its splendour, in all its expansion,….in all it is…. Love the “LIFE” you live….and you will truly live my child”……as the great Ghuspboh Speak …excerpt from the Suhn Yahdto scriptures

..What did the Ancient people’s know about Qcao ( pronounced Hahow I believe ) or Qacao to give it such a high state of worship. They considered it the most worthy of exchange out of all possible forms of “currency”. They undrstood  about the “medicinal” qualities of this Food Of The Gods. How did they know …….What have we forgotten in our current state of existance. Were they primative. Are we so superior to thier so called legends. Its time to listen to the Earth once again for she is parting her wisdom at this very moment if we would but quiet our busy minds.mayan aust cacao