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           Fresh Qacao out of the pod and still intact.

(Qacao out of the pod and still intact).

To acknowledge the uniqueness that is within us all….For what is now , an important offering to humanity,  has come at great cost and pain to many cultures and much “so called truth” in our historical  past has been “altered or hidden” . We now stand at the forefront of the “New Era” of information technology , where, at the touch of a button, we can access data from around the world and more.  May we learn from the past mistakes and never  follow blindly what we are “told”. Search and re-search for the Truth. May deceptive history never  be repeated as we now venture forth into  “new beginings”.  May we be fully present Here and Now to receive the many gifts that are being offered with Love from the heart of all existence , to the true mind and heart of collective humanity. One of the highest gifts on offer is, I feel, within the plant kingdom and our true symbiotic relationship. Such humbleness and grace……this plant kingdom, being of service to Humanity for our own survival and existence and what do we give in return……. We do not survive at this point, without  real living food. We rely on living foods to live. The very air we breathe in comes from the plants…….Shouldnt that tell us something.. Doesnt that open up something within us to at least say..WOW……Without plants we do not survive….. And most of us thought it a primative belief to honour the Earth and its garden, the Trees, the Herbs, …the Fruits….the Vegetables….the Seeds..the Rivers and Streams..the Air….the Earth….and beyond…That is huge…when you truly ponder on it…Without the plant kingdom, we as a co inhabiter on this planet, would not exist…..May you wonder and ponder…….. Enter into the “Kingdom of the plant world”  with humbleness  and   grattitude and a new openess and “one” will “see as if for the first time”, the AWE and WONDER that is ……”:Life on this planet as we now Know it”..We are All connected………
Cacao / Qacao  has been known by as the “Food of The Gods” and it is with good reason it has been given such reverence…Before writing about “what I know and feel” to be true about Raw Cacao I would like to acknowledge the Ancient Elders, the Mayan and Aztec people, their true culture , their elders and the consciousness they have helped to expand. Within this group, I believe, is also  most of the  Native American Indians and the Australian Aborigine and Maori, all of  whom I personally hold dear to my heart.  mayan aust cacao w logoAlso to all indigenous tribes who have shared this Earth and continue to share this Earth, we are after all, as Sister and Brother. I am in deep grattitude for your honour and sharing and humble patience…..So much life has to pass before us  to be recipients of the conciousness we now share as a collective human gathering. …..HGWAYOH..HGWAYOH HGWAYOH..Much love to all of those souls who have gone before us to make today possible. Thankyou for your participation in this sacred offering.  Much humbleness, grattitude and appreciation also needs to be acknowledged to the “New Pioneering Spirits” of  the Raw Movement  who are inspiring the awakening in our hearts and minds by reminding us of the living message that we all have in our own heart. May they always stay in Truth and Love.  It is now that we are awakening to a deeper innerstanding of the connection to everything.
……………………QACAO or CACAO …….
For this excercise in conciousness we will be introducing perhaps some  more concepts to the ever expanding table of “understandings/ innerstandings  beyond what we know as fact” . Please bare in mind that these are just thoughts of mine that have surfaced through the inner inquiry of yearning for the Truth.., and  sharing what I have felt to be True….What is Fact and what is fiction.. It appears that much of what we have been taught of history is now being shown as deceptivly fictional. The gift behind these deceptions of “hiss tory ” is to not follow blindly …….but…to make personal inquiry. Here is a key to the ever expanding truth of  consciousness. The real story of Qacao / Cacao and its  current “production”  and appeal may be something that is deeply intrenched in our sub-concious , waiting for the right time to re-emerge in a far greater way than processed chocolate would mislead us to believe.                            Today much of what we know as “chocolate” has been through processes that have changed the qualities of this “food of the Gods”..  It is with the blessings of such people as Jethro Klauss, Edmund Szekely,David Wolfe , Fred Bisci, Gabriel Cousens,  Elaine Hollingsworth, Isabelle Shipard and many many others,  that we are now hearing our own inner voice and are turning  towards a better more sustainable future of living..Most important is living it. Living the living Life. There are no more Guru’s …..we are it.. There is no revolution coming………..We are it……..
Much has been and will be written about the benefits of Raw Cacao but nothing will equal your personal experience of this truly unique “Gift of the Heavens”.

Perhaps the title “Super Food” has been given to the seed of this fruit because of its high content of magnesium which the diet of most of the western world is deficient in. Scientific health research has found that among many other things, Magnesium, is crucial to a healthy functioning heart and a clarity of the mind which in turn helps to maintain focus and ability.

cacao fruit and bean 02 w logoPerhaps it is the exceptionally high antioxidant level which helps rid the body of harmful free radicals that would damage our living cells and tissues (a primary cause of premature ageing and disease). Or perhaps it is the serotonin, dopamine, anandamide and phenylethylamine ( PEA) which have been associated with feelings of well being. All of these are present in Raw Cacao and can be backed up “scientifically”.

But truly nothing can compare with your own personal research and experience of this unique fruit and what it has to offer to humanity in its raw form.

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